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Winning new customers through digital marketing

While the digital revolution has fundamentally transformed consumer habits and behaviors, it has also changed the way businesses address them. Indeed, communication has gradually moved to the web, where many consumers now buy all kinds of products, but also compare their characteristics and consult customer reviews.
It is therefore essential to offer a satisfactory customer experience online, but also to invest in various levers for acquiring new prospects to exploit the formidable opportunities of the web. But what are these digital techniques and tools, and how can they help you gain and retain customers? Marketing 3.0: what digital tools to win over new consumers?

The rise of the web and the digitization of our society have given rise to a wide range of marketing tools intended for companies. Indeed, the latter can now invest and use new media to communicate with their target, deploy their commercial campaigns and assert their brand image. However, these supports are as numerous as they are varied: marketing 3.0 is played as much on social networks as in consumers’ electronic mailboxes.

Thus, a marketing strategy focused on “social media” can help your business gain visibility on the web. Regular publications on social networks will allow you to make your brand known to a large audience (B2B or B2C), but also to sell your products more effectively by integrating them into your customer journey. Social networks like Facebook or Instagram will thus be able to help you optimize the quality of your customer relationship, in order to attract new consumers while retaining existing customers.

Beyond social networks, which are effective communication and sales media, the visibility of your business on the web is based primarily on its natural referencing (SEO). The different pages of your website must indeed land the very first positions on the results pages of search engines, Google in mind, to hope to gain new market share. However, SEO requires long-term work on several fronts. The implementation of a content strategy, or content marketing, will be an asset of choice to stand out in the eyes of search engines and consumers. However, you will need to publish high quality, original and high value-added content if you want to exploit this type of strategy. Paid referencing, through an advertising network such as Google Ads, can also help you capture additional traffic for a given keyword. Be careful, however, not to scatter yourself: an SEO strategy mobilizes various tools and supports, which must be the subject of regular work and constant monitoring to bear fruit.

Online marketing: the requirement of a global digital strategy

In general, digital marketing expert in delhi has forced companies to digitize their customer journeys. Now, consumers expect to find all the information they need on the web before making a purchase from your store. They also want to benefit from a fluid online experience, from their search for information on a product to after-sales service, including the purchase itself: this is called inbound marketing, or inbound marketing.

To acquire customers and retain them through web marketing, you must therefore focus on designing a global strategy. Indeed, online marketing relies on a multitude of tools and techniques, most of which will prove to be perfectly complementary. However, all of these tools are not necessarily adapted to your customer journey or relevant to your target. You must therefore start by working on your upstream communication strategy, before selecting the appropriate digital media to deploy it. Management and monitoring tools, such as CRM software (customer relationship management) or marketing automation software, can allow you to analyze the effectiveness of the actions implemented (emailing campaigns, Google Ads campaigns, SEO , etc.

The conversion rate of your business website essentially depends on the quality of the experience you offer your customers, as does its retention rate. Your marketing actions must therefore be thought out from the needs and expectations of your typical prospect to guarantee you a satisfactory return on investment. Digital business strategy

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