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What is the point of bringing out the most beautiful site in the world with the best possible design if no one is looking at it? How to make a site profitable if it remains unknown to Internet users? As part of a web strategy, visibility is an essential element. To attract visitors to its site, there are several channels, one of the best known and most profitable in the long term is natural referencing.


By definition, natural referencing refers to the techniques used by search engines which classify the results that they send back to Internet users when they type a request.

By extension, natural referencing is a term that is also used in digital marketing to define all the techniques and methods that make it possible to optimize a website to improve its ranking in search engines. This is also referred to as SEO for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization).

Natural referencing concerns only the results classified by the engine relevance algorithm. Advertising results (Adwords) do not fall within the scope of SEO.


Are you a website publisher wondering if you should invest money and time in SEO? Here are some things that will help you make that decision.

The goal of SEO is to attract visitors to its site. It is possible to make yourself visible to a qualified target because you can know the intention of the Internet user thanks to the request that he will type in the search engine.

For example, for a restaurateur in the Cité des Ducs, we will try to develop the visibility of a site on the query “Italian restaurant Nantes”. This keyword is typed over 1,600 times a month in Google.


The number of daily search engine users makes SEO the main channel for acquiring visitors for a large number of websites.

The figures speak for themselves: when we talk about SEO in France, we often focus on the Google search engine as it is hegemonic on the national market ( 94% market share in 2016 ). Thus, in France, Google is used by more than 40 million people each month, or two thirds of the population!


The natural referencing aims to bring its site in the best places of the search results on Google. Indeed, the sites going up in first position will collect about 36% of clicks, those in 2 nd place, 33% and those in 3 rd position, 21%. More than 9 out of 10 clicks are made on the first page of results. We quickly understand the interest. The better a site is ranked in the results, the more visitors it will receive.

Thus, our Nantes restaurant owner who would have positioned his site in 3 rd position on the keyword “Italian restaurant Nantes” would recover 336 visits to his site each month thanks to this single keyword.

Please note, this is only an estimate. It is also necessary to take into account the people who click on the advertisements as well as the searches with another spelling (“Italian restaurants Nantes” for example) on which the site would also be positioned.

Search engines are evolving and offering more and more display formats. In seo specialist in delhi, we will also seek to position a site on a Google Maps map or in “position 0” (response to a request appearing directly in the engine results page).


Natural referencing is a web marketing acquisition channel that has several advantages, especially compared to other channels such as online advertising and social networks .

SEO, a profitable investment

Unlike social networks which require regular animation or the purchase of space which involves opening the wallet with each click on your ad, once a site is well positioned in natural referencing, it will continuously attract visitors, as long as he does not lose his positions.

SEO works over the long term, but once the site is positioned, it generates traffic “for free”. SEO is often very profitable over time.

A practice beneficial to all aspects of the site

Another advantage of SEO, as we will see in the following parts, the actions to get your site listed on search engines consist in putting in place good practices in terms of content strategy and user experience. By working on SEO, we also improve the UX (user experience) and the brand image of the site.

Finally, natural referencing requires having a technically well-designed site. By optimizing it for natural referencing, we also make sure to have a well-designed source code .


You must be aware of the limits of SEO and its constraints before embarking on an optimization process for natural referencing.


With Adwords, drawing the bank card “is enough” to attract new visitors in the process. SEO is an optimization job that aims to gain the trust of Google. All the elements of the site must be cut to perform on the search engines.

In addition, Google’s algorithms are looking for relevant answers to provide Internet users. The history of the site is one of these criteria. So yes, natural referencing takes time but we benefit from the traffic it generates over time


To be effective in natural referencing, a site must often be the subject of technical optimizations. It is necessary to have to call on a developer to implement the various fixes. Not everyone always has such skills, so sometimes it is necessary to call on a service provider unlike SEA or social networks which do not necessarily require technical skills in development.


SEO relies on an intermediary: the search engine. From the moment you depend on another actor, there is an element of uncertainty. This is all the more true in natural referencing as Google’s algorithms are very complex and are regularly updated. It is therefore not possible to accurately specify the results of the various actions and to estimate the return on investment in great detail.

Likewise, in the event of an overly aggressive and artificial SEO strategy or design flaws, a site may find itself penalized by a Google filter algorithm, resulting in a loss of its visibility. We will come back to this notion at the end of the article.

Developing the number of visitors to your site using natural referencing is therefore also dependent on a third party: the search engine. It may be useful to hire an SEO agency that will rely on its experience and knowledge of search engines to determine the most effective actions to take in order to obtain lasting results as quickly as possible.


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