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The most common mistakes in women’s fitness

It is extremely important that you do your fitness training properly, making your training more effective and avoiding unnecessary injuries. Common mistakes women make when doing weight training include:

Too little weight:  Many women are afraid of oversized muscles and therefore train with lower weights. Since the muscles are not stimulated enough, the firming effects on the body are absent.

One-sided muscle training:  everyone has their favorite equipment and prefers to train on it. If you avoid the uncomfortable machines, there is a risk of unbalanced muscles. If you train certain muscles too much and others too little, the untrained muscles can be shortened or weakened.

Too Many Reps:   Women often make the mistake of doing a lot of repetitions with low effort or smaller weights. It is much more effective, however, to do fewer repetitions (about 12 per set), but to do the training units in a sweaty and correct manner.

Myths about fitness for women

Unfortunately, many myths about women’s fitness have become established and these often lead to inadequate results and dwindling motivation. These myths should be dispelled and get the most out of your training:

1. Targeted strength training for local fat burning

The desire of many women is to lose weight only in certain areas of the body and the rest remains as it is. Unfortunately, a lot of studies show that it doesn’t work that way. The spots where you lose fat first largely depends on your genetics.

But if you want to have less fat on certain parts of the body like stomach, legs, buttocks, you have to reduce your total body fat percentage and the desired results will soon be seen.

2. Strength training mutates you into a muscle package.

As mentioned earlier, the most common prejudice in women’s fitness is that “too much” strength training can make you look like a bodybuilder. A woman’s ability to build muscle like a man is extremely limited due to her testosterone levels. That’s why many female bodybuilders use hormonal aids to get even bigger muscles.

3. Problem areas can be eliminated with endurance training

There is no question that endurance training has a positive effect on the human body. This is very useful for burning calories and supports weight loss and fat loss, which only allows muscles to become visible.

Endurance training is not the right measure for building muscle or concealing problem areas. The intensity of endurance training is too low to send the correct stimuli to the muscles and to use them sufficiently.

Tips for fitness women

To improve your fitness, we recommend a few tips that can help you with your workout. This allows you to reach your potential and achieve quick and long-term results without unnecessary injuries:

  • Exercise varied with equipment, dumbbells and your own weight
  • Plan enough recovery time for muscles to grow
  • Do the exercises correctly
  • Don’t be afraid of the men’s training plans
  • Determine and reduce your fat content if necessary
  • Find the right mix of nutrition, endurance and strength training for you

Effective exercises for the dream body

Basic exercises in particular are particularly effective in strength training for women at a ladies fitness center near me to train the interaction of the individual muscle groups. This is essential for an upright, healthy posture and economical movement in sport and everyday life. It is not for nothing that they have established themselves as popular and often used classics to this day.

The most important basic exercises are:  deadlifts ,  squats , lunges,  bench presses , pull-ups.

Our tip

For the very special training success with deadlifts & Co., the right diet plays  a crucial role. You can only build muscle effectively and sustainably if you consume enough protein.

With regular training, your protein requirement is increased. We therefore recommend that you consume 1.3 g – 1.5 g protein per kg of body weight for your strength training   . Do you train hard and just can’t cover this additional requirement completely through your diet? Then find out more about our high-quality protein products now  . We support you in your individual goals.

A balanced, protein-rich diet tailored to your goal thus increases the positive effect of strength training.

A delicious  whey protein shake  , for example, can be a useful addition after strength training. Thanks to the perfect symbiosis of whey concentrate and isolate, our whey protein is perfectly tailored to your goals. For sustainable muscle maintenance and building.

The unbeatable advantages of the basic exercises:

  • You train several parts of the body at the same time.
  • They also involve smaller muscle groups that are often neglected in other exercises.
  • Due to their complexity and increased exertion, they stimulate fat burning.
  • They lead to the release of the growth hormone testosterone, which affects the entire body.
  • Hardly any equipment or utensils are required – the exercises can be carried out at home and can be made more difficult with variations.

Example training plan for women

For the beginning it is enough if the strength training is carried out 2-3 times a week. In addition, an endurance unit can be integrated into the training plan.

Low Carb Or Low Fat?

In the past, dietary fat was downright demonized, but carbohydrates were highly praised as a source of energy. But one only needs to turn one’s gaze to the USA: This is where most of the low-fat foods in the world are consumed, but people are still getting fatter. The body gets more energy from fats than from carbohydrates, but it is the enormous amount of carbohydrates, especially “empty” carbohydrates like white flour products, that make people so fat. If the energy that is supplied to the body is higher than the energy that is consumed, fat reserves are inevitably built up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fat or carbohydrates. So far, people have been inclined to save on fat with added energy, but did not attach particular importance to carbohydrates. The far-reaching consequences have been completely ignored: high insulin levels, cravings and tooth decay are still the harmless consequences. To save energy, however, reducing carbohydrates is much more effective. After all, what use is it if the gummy bear or the pretzel sticks are without fat, but the amount of carbohydrates ingested exceeds the energy requirement? Fat is then put on in spite of reduced-fat food. But that does not (also) mean that the amount of food should be drastically reduced. Only regular meals enable fat burning.

Conclusion- That’s why women need fitness

There are many benefits to women taking care of their fitness. On the one hand, this is the only way to get a toned and well-defined body. On the other hand, this has a positive effect on the physical perception and leads to more self-confidence in women. So that you feel fit all around, it is crucial to optimally combine your diet, endurance and strength training and to increase individually.


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