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Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives

Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives

How many times have you seen athletes whose upper body is built like a mountain, resting on thin chicken legs?

Let’s be honest. Most inexperienced fitness enthusiasts hate bone day and will miss it if they get the chance.

It is loaded with complex movements in which you have to move your weight two or three times. This isn’t fun, is it?

It’s the main calorie burner. Eventually you’ll still sweat and suffocate.

There’s no ephemeral pleasure like pumping biceps.

But if you want to create a solid and aesthetically pleasing body, these foundations have to be built like rocks.

Not to mention the fact that legwork has a great influence on the overall condition. It’s the main hormone cooker. Your body will need to produce more testosterone and growth hormones when you work on your feet.

And contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to squat all the time and lift your legs.

There are other, equally good, complex movements that play a key role in the general development of the legs.

One of them is the back of the robbery.

What is a bent knee with broken bones?

Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives

Reverse knee flexion is a complex leg movement that was first used by the Estonian bodybuilder George Hakenschmidt.

George used a normal knee flexion with a bar behind the body at arm length and the legs at shoulder width. It became known as a squat, and it looks more like a dead weight with weights behind it.

The idea of the movement was to isolate the quadriceps and thus reduce the involvement of the rear chain.

This stage has become very popular with bodybuilders and wrestlers. But it was a very difficult step that only experienced bodybuilders could take.

A burglary machine or even a forging machine allowed even novices to perform the same movements, but in a controlled plane, so the use of stabilizing muscles is not necessary.

The inverted squat is a modified version of this movement in which the balance is struck and the chest is placed on the pads, not on the back. Little by little it has become a very effective movement that uses all the basic muscles of the legs.

And you can change the position of your legs to isolate certain muscles, such as the buttocks, hamstrings and of course the quadriceps.

Crouching again before cutting – step by step

There are many ways to hack. But in this article, we’re gonna talk about what we’re gonna do with the shredder.

  • Load a comfortable load on a squat machine.
  • Standing on the legs of the stool, the width of the shoulders on the side, facing outwards, under the chest.
  • Hold the side handles, place your shoulders under the cushions and your chest against the front cushions.
  • Press the button to remove the load from the rack.
  • Now squat down until your legs are parallel to the ground and hold this position for a count.
  • Move to lift the weight and stop the shot before keeping the knees straight.
  • Squat down and repeat as many times as you like.
  • If you don’t have enough agility in your ankle to perform the movement, you can keep your heels in the air during the exercise. Increasing the heels significantly reduces the amount of bending required when bending the knees. It also contributes to the development of the lower leg by reducing the tension on the lower leg and allowing you to remain upright.

This is the simplest form of exercise, as well as the usual way to perform the movement.

You can also change the position of your legs so that they are in line with the different muscles of the leg.

When the legs are close together and the toes are pointing outwards, the external cleaning of the quadriceps should do most of the work. The more you point your toes, the more attention you pay to your inner thighs.

There is another variant where the legs are behind the body, making it a modified version of Good Morning. It is used to isolate the hamstrings, buttocks and calves as an alternative to a hard leg.


Which muscles work in the squat?

In its simplest form you focus on all the basic muscle heads of your legs. But the main target will be the quad.

Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives


There are tons of exercises you can do to aim the quadriceps. But no one comes close to solitary confinement like a reverse squat. It will help you hit the vastus lateralis with the same efficiency as the lung and normal knee bends. However, it also allows the use of the vastus medialis, the breech adaptor and the magnus, which are located next to the inside of the thigh. Weakness of the medialis vastus is one of the main causes of knee pain in athletes. Finally, it also penetrates the vastus intermedius, which is the deepest muscle of the three.


Think of the buttocks, and the first exercise that comes to mind are the hip radiators. But cracking with a broken back is no less effective for the buttocks. Move your legs back a little to transfer the action to your hamstrings and buttocks and not to your ATV. Since you travel in a stationary plane, the chance of this affecting your lower back is almost zero.

Benefits of knee bending by rotation

In addition to helping isolate most leg muscles, there are many other benefits to having hackers squat.

Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives

Gently on the lower back.

Not everyone has the strength, balance, condition and stability to do even basic crouching and dumbbell exercises. Doing something as advanced as hacking quats would be almost impossible for beginners. A burglary blow enables them to use their bodies to stabilise their lower back and thus avoid the risk of injury when moving heavy loads.

Aircraft checked

Because you only move in a controlled plane (both vertically and horizontally), you are less likely to sway your weight and strain your spine. It also allows you to focus more on the movement itself instead of worrying about your weight balance.

This is a complete hip exercise.

Unlike most other exercises, which focus on a single hip muscle, the posterior knee flexion is a complete hip exercise. Only with constant exertion and movement of the weights can excellent separation of the hip muscles be achieved.

Coupling of the motions of force – Mass and force generation

Using the Reverse Hack and Crack Squat you can gain strength in your knees, inner thighs and shins to move heavier and lighter loads. For example, you can lift more for your squats and dikes.

Veteran athletes have the same thing to do with it as with a forge machine.

In the squat position it does little for the stabilizing muscles, which are essential for the development of total strength.

That way, if you’ve been standing for years, maybe you don’t have to spend so much time cracking. But if you’re just starting out, it’s your ticket to strong, healthy legs.

Alternatives to crouching in reverse

This makes the occupancy of the back seat during a burglary so important that there are too many alternatives. But there’s one, and it’s a knee bend with a dumbbell.

Reverse Hack Squat: How to do this, Benefits, & Alternatives

Squat with front beam – Best replacement for the rear squat.

The only thing that is suitable, even from a distance, is crouching the front beam, which is one of the most advanced leg exercises.

How to crouch on the front beam

  • The front grandstand is only in the grandstand or the squat. It’s safer and you get the support you need if you lose your balance.
  • Place the boom at a comfortable height, load the load, lift the boom forwards instead of backwards.
  • Place them on the deltoids, raise your hands until they are parallel to the ground and cross them to grip the pole. Slowly lift the weights of the J-hooks and move forward.
  • Squat down until your legs are parallel to the ground and return to your original position.

If you’re just starting at the front of the bar, chances are you’ll get a curve or a curve in your back during the descent. It’s a prescription for trauma. Athletes are therefore advised to avoid squats until they have the necessary strength and stability.

Besides, if you have back problems, it’s strictly no, no.

You can use a kettle or a dumbbell bar instead of a dumbbell bar to perform knee bends. But even then some strength and coordination is needed, which is only possible with months of practical experience.

Reverse hacking is a safer, easier and no less effective alternative.

Some athletes use regular squats as an alternative to backquats. But he mostly works with hamstrings, not quadrants. If you’re looking for a target for your ass and ham, go to a regular hacker.

Considerations when using a rear seat for retraction

No matter what is said and done, there are certain things you should consider before performing a reverse hacking session.

Solving the leg plate problem

What thigh muscle are you looking for? Decide before you start the exercise and position your legs accordingly. You can keep them under your chin, behind your chin, with your toes out or straight. When you start, try a few options to see the difference.

Light take-off

One of the advantages of knee bending is that it allows you to move more weight. But be careful when loading the dumbbell, especially the first few times. Continue slowly until you have mastered the exercise.

Never block your legs

Make sure you stop in the upper squat before your legs are completely blocked. This reduces unnecessary strain on the knees and prevents knee problems later on.

Do not bounce on weight

Stop at a handle in the lower and upper bend of the knee. Do not allow the load to bounce on the ground, as this will increase the risk of injury.

Keep head straight and toes stable

Always keep your head upright in the neutral position while driving. Don’t look down, because you could twist your back. Also keep your toes horizontal, especially if you are negative.

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