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P90X Worksheet, P90X Binder, & P90X Excel spreadsheet

Only 1 more than a day before the start of the P90X training (not counted today)! I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, but I am very happy to finally get the P90X up and running. Everyone who is currently working with the P90X (or has already done so) or is starting to do so, should not forget to give me comments below (tips, questions, how you are doing, etc.)!

For those new to the P90X, and for me too, I thought the P90X worksheets in PDF format would be very useful. Simply print the P90X worksheets and write directly about your progress compared to writing the P90X Fitness Manual.

To control myself and make it as easy as possible, I made the P90X with a 1-book binder. I printed out the P90X worksheets, punched a hole in them and put them in the file. Then I printed out the phases and the P90X calendar and placed them in the front compartment of the folder. Finally I put the results of the P90X aptitude test in the back pocket of the file (I just wrote my results on the P90X aptitude test pages of the aptitude manual). So, when I do my training on the P90X, I take a file with me so I can write down my reps, weight, etc. (and I have a folder as a hard surface where I can write easily). You can download all the documents I just mentioned below.

Load backrest P90X:

  • Phases P90X
  • Calendar P90X
  • Worktops P90X
  • P90X fit test

Finally I found this P90X Excel spreadsheet really cool. Spreadsheet – INSANE on everything you can do with it! After the training or every week I transfer my results to this table. It has really cool schedules that are automatically generated during training, and even has a power section with different phases, etc. It’s a great tool for training at the gym. I invite you to take a look at it and give me your feedback…

  • Spreadsheet P90X Excel

And finally: If you haven’t ordered your P90X yet, order it now! You can also learn how to get a discount on the P90X, the P90X voucher and the P90X promotion codes.

That’s all for now!



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