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P90X Workout Sheets – Download it here!

P90X Workout Sheets – Download it here!

Are you looking for the training records P90X? So you’ve found what you need, because on this page you’ll find the P90Xtraining sheets, the P90X calendars and some tips and suggestions on how to use them exactly. If you are working with the P90X, I strongly recommend that you use the P90X training sheets to record your reps and the weight used and to easily take notes if you have any questions or problems. It’s KRITIC to your success with the P90X! So you can follow your progress and see where you’re going. It also tells you if you need to increase the weight of your dumbbells and how many repetitions you need to make more effort.

As Tony Horton likes to say: With knowledge comes power, and with power comes change! So use your P90X training sheets during ALL training sessions!

Training cards P90X / Calendar P90X

Right click on the image below and press SAVE LINK AS to save the P90X spreadsheets and the P90X calendar.

P90X Workout Sheets – Download it here!

P90X Training Cards and P90X Calendar

How to stay organized – Worktops P90X

One of the most important things that makes your life easier when working with the P90X is that you stay organized! What I did and what worked for me was the development of the P90X Binder. I made a short video explaining how to put this folder together and where to put your P90X training plan, P90X correspondence test results, etc. Now look at the video…

What to do now – P90XTraining Cards

After downloading the P90X training sheets and the P90X calendar and retrieving the P90X folder, it’s time to take an aptitude test and select the desired P90X training. There are 3 versions of the P90X, and the P90X training manual explains them all, but I’ll give you a short overview.

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  • P90X Classic – As the name suggests, this is the P90X Classic scheme that most people normally use. It is a well rounded version with resistance training and cardio. It’s very tiring. So, if you’ve been working for many years or if you’ve grown up, you might want to consider joining P90X Lean.
  • P90X Lean – This version is more heart oriented. It is ideal for people who want to lose weight, get back in shape or get back in shape after a long break. It’s still very intense, so do your best and don’t worry!
  • P90X Doubles – This is an ultra-intensive version and as the name suggests, from the second phase of the program you will actually have two training sessions. Of course this is not for beginners and only for those who have the time to invest themselves and really want to push themselves.


The P90X workout program you choose ultimately depends on your fitness level and the goals you are trying to achieve. If you’re not sure, I suggest you start with the P90X Lean. After 30 days of working with the P90X, if you think the P90X training program is simple, you can continue and run the P90X Classic version.

for people who really want to succeed with the P90X – P90XTraining Cards

FREE P90X Support and motivation

Do you really want to succeed with the P90X? I’m sure of it. So, if I were you, I’d do everything in my power to stick around and make sure I’m ready for every 90 days! The P90X practice program is an ultra-intensive program, and it has been proven that people who are supported by someone are more likely to complete the whole program. So do yourself a favor and take 2 minutes to create a free Team Beachbody account. This gives you access to a great tool that tells you exactly how many calories to consume based on your height, weight and goals (following the P90X nutrition plan is just as important as your workout). In addition, I am your personal trainer who will motivate you in your approach. So come here and create your account…

==>P90X Free support – click here to create a free Beachbody Team account <===

I really hope you found my post on the P90X Workout Sheets blog useful and valuable! Download the P90X training sheets above and take action! If you find the P90X practice sheet and this precious note, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. by clicking one of the links below.



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