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NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

NMN versus NR : Both are precursors of NAD, one of nature’s most important molecules for human life, well-being and longevity. It is good that we have such NAD precursors, because the quantities of this important coenzyme decrease steadily with age. In fact, according to Dr. David Sinclair, an expert on aging, your NAD level at 50 years is half of what it was at 20 years, and without that you would have died in about 30 seconds.

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide ribozide) are for sale as food supplements. But which is the better choice, NMN or NR?

Saying that NMN and NR are precursors of NAD means that they function as building blocks of NAD through a series of chemical actions that occur in your body: NMN and NR are converted into NAD. Nicotinamide, better known as niacin and vitamin B3, is also a precursor of NAD.

Deterioration and exhaustion of NAD have been associated with ageing syndrome and many age-related disorders [1]. Scientists now believe that by increasing NAD levels we can prevent the ageing process and at the same time alleviate many age-related diseases. This conviction is largely based on the promising results of a large number of animal studies [2]. However, the efficacy of NMNs and UNINs as precursors to ANS has also been investigated in a number of promising human studies. Verification of the relationship between NAD and human lifespan through controlled research involving humans will ultimately provide definitive evidence that researchers need a long lifespan.

NMN vs NR – What does Dr. Sinclair know?

In order to be able to determine the best supplement to a long life span, we need to investigate a combination of scientific and anecdotal evidence. Let’s start with the anecdotal evidence.

NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

One of the world’s leading sustainability and science authorities behind NMN, NR and NAD is Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard scientist. Dr. Sinclair is the author of more than 140 published scientific articles on longevity, many of which are devoted to NAD, NMN and/or RN. Dr. Sinclair is one of the few scientists who has demonstrated the role of NAMN and NMR in increasing NAD levels in animals and humans.

Dr. Sinclair has an individual health program that includes a variety of factors such as diet, exercise, medication and dietary supplements. His research shows that resveratrol, a superoxidant derived from flavonoids in fruits and vegetables, and NAMN play an important role in the regulation of the so-called long-lived genes, the sirtuins. No wonder Dr. Sinclair adds resveratrol and NMN every day, but not NR [3]. He can easily take both the NMN and the NR, but he only chooses the NMN. What for? I think because Dr. Sinclair is a scientist who understands NMN and RN on a scientific level, he chose NMN because science considers it the best precursor of NAD.

NMN vs NR – Study

So far, more research has been done on people than on JAMN. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the companies commercialising NR are financed by the investors who financed the research. The results of these studies are promising. They show that RN can double the NAD level in people who take it verbally [4] [5]. These studies also show other benefits, such as increased growth of blood vessels (vascular endothelial function) and reduced inflammation [6] [7].

At least three major studies on human involvement in NMHS are currently underway. Two of them are run by the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis. The other was performed by the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo in collaboration with the Washington School of Medicine [8]. A third and perhaps most important study is being conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston under the watchful eye of old Harvard scientists. The results of these studies are expected to be published shortly.

Animal studies with NMN and NMR seem to be more or less comparable and show promising possibilities to prolong life span and promote health. So if there are more human studies on NR and NMN and NMN seems to be effective in raising NAD levels, why do Dr. David Sinclair and thousands of other NMNs take NR instead of NR?

NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

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NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

Sign up today for our monthlyLife newsletter.

Discover the latest news, research and health tips that will help you live better and longer.

JAMN vs JR – Chemistry

NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

Dr. Sinclair understands the structure and behavior of molecules involved in the process of generating and increasing NAD levels. Four molecules are important in this process:

  1. NAM – also known as niacinamide or niacin C6H6N2O
  2. NR – Nicotinamide riboside C11H15N2O5+
  3. NMN – nicotinamide mononucleotide C11H15N2O8P
  4. NAD – Adenine nicotinamide dinucleotide C21H27N7O14P2

You don’t have to be a chemist to look at the chemical formulas of these molecules and realize that they are becoming increasingly complex from NAM to NAD. NR and NMN are very similar, with one exception: Both NMN and NAD contain phosphorus (P), while NAM and NR do not. Another simple observation is that the NAD is almost twice the size of the NMN. If you merge two NMN molecules, it is not difficult to imagine them coming together and becoming one NAD molecule. In this context, the NMN becomes the precursor of the NAD.

Precursors are compounds that participate in chemical reactions and thus form another compound. In human biochemistry, foods and herbs are the precursors of hormones, proteins and other vital biochemicals. For example, some foods such as soybeans and fenugreek are known as phytoestrogens, which means they are precursors of estrogen production. The amino acid, L-dopa, is a precursor of the hormone dopamine.

The presence of phosphorus in the JAMN and NMR molecules is important to be able to assess the JAMN and NMR molecules side by side. Despite the abundance of phosphorus in the human body, it has a unique property, namely that the phosphorus atom does not exist in nature itself. It only occurs in combination with other atoms in molecular structures.

The molecules NMN and NAD contain phosphorus bonds with oxygen. Therefore, every NAD precursor needs phosphorus, but can only use phosphorus that is already associated with oxygen. This complicates the process when NR is considered the precursor of your chosen NAD, because NR must find a compatible form of phosphorus to complete the process of transformation to NAD when NMN already contains phosphorus.

Initial studies in rat intestines have shown that AMN, NR and NMN are viable precursors of NAD, but NR and NMN should first be broken down into AMN and other simpler components so that they can be fully absorbed and assimilated into the body of the animal. Once inside the housing, these individual components are reassembled, first in NR and NMN and then converted to NAD. This is because the small intestine sometimes has difficulty assimilating more complex molecules, so they must first be broken down into simpler components. This applies to animals and to a lesser extent to humans.

For many years scientists have assumed that the need to destroy NMN and NMR to facilitate assimilation, which has been established in animal experiments, is probably also transferable to humans. However, subsequent studies published in Nature in January 2019 showed that NMN (a whole molecule) can remain intact in the digestive process using a gene transporter known as Slc12a8. [9]

Status of the investigation :

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a biosynthetic precursor of adenine nicotinamide dinucleotide (NAD+), known to contribute to the production of NAD+ in cells and counteract age-related pathologies associated with decreased levels of NAD+ in tissues. Here we show that the Slc12a8 gene codes for a specific JMN transporter… We also show that Slc12a8 is a specific NMN carrier, but not nicotinamide ribosides Our work identifies a specific NMN carrier and shows that Slc12a8 plays a crucial role in the regulation of the intestinal metabolism of NAD+.

We now know that the results of this research show that NMN does not need to be disassembled and reassembled in NMN and then in NAD. The NMN molecule has remained intact, making the process of increasing NAD levels faster, safer and more efficient [10]. The study also concluded that the RL does not benefit from using the same vehicle, but that the vehicle should be completely immobilised and then reassembled; first as NMN and then as NAD.

The fact that an NMN can pass through the digestion/assimilation process intact is probably one of the reasons why David Sinclair takes an NMN instead of an NR. He also knows that the NMN molecule and the NAD+ molecule are almost identical, so converting NMN to NAD+ is a fairly simple comparison process.

NMN vs NR – Anecdotal data

Although the observations and conclusions of consumers of food supplements and medicines are not considered reliable scientific evidence, they are important for the daily management of health care. If your prescriber or health care professional recommends a medicine or dietary supplement, he or she will ask for it the next time he or she visits you: What’s going on? He’s asking for anecdotal evidence.

NMN vs NR-What is the Best Longevity Supplement?

NMN and NR have been sold as additives for several years and thousands of people have taken one or the other or both. Reviews of these products provide valuable information about the reactions of people who have used both NMNs and RNs. The following comments are a selection of those, which are taken from comments verified by Amazon customers.

Duwayne Howe – (Vigilance, Energy) – I’ve been on RN for almost a year now and recently tried NMN. There is no doubt that the NMN NR is well on track. My afternoon delivery was sometimes intimidating because I had to deal with drowsiness. Your NMN product solved that problem for me. This is one of the striking areas where she clearly does the work for me.

gn – (energy) – I feel the energy increase and after taking it, I become more alive. NMN is much better than NR.

Craig R Martin – (Energy, Focus) – A few months ago we switched from NR to NMN, and the results were much better than what we achieved with Niagen – for both of us. The NMN is a reality, and we’re glad we opened it. We both have more energy, cognitive functions and stamina than nicotinamide Ribox, the niagen.

Taab Siddiqui – (Blood sugar, Sleep) – I took NR ( TRUGEN ) for a month, again 150 mg twice a day. TRUGEN resulted in a slight improvement in sleep, but in my case there were no other benefits that could be measured or tested. The biggest difference with my SINGLE DISEASE was that TRUGGING had no effect on my diabetes. I am not affiliated with any of the companies and I am an independent person who wants to share the benefits resulting from the NMN experience and the comparison with NR with NMN. The aim is to share the research results with the wider user community and to present a comparison of the two forms of NAD precursors as they worked in my specific case. I gave it four stars because of its strong anti-diabetic effect and I hope it will be useful as a guide for other users.

Healthy Chris – (Energy) – NMN is an excellent addition that shows promising results. I had conversations with biochemists who studied NMN and RN, and they said that the performance of NMN in each study was at least as good and sometimes better than that of RN (not all of which have been published). It’s a fair price. Take the sublingual for better absorption.

Frodizzle – (Energy) – I used it and found it much better than NR Niagen. I used resveratrol, and it didn’t seem to work until I connected it to nmn.

Niels – (Energy) – It’s amazing that NMN has such an effect, because I felt very bad. I felt like death warmed me up… …when I took NR. I’ve tried two different brands: NR, TruNiagen and Life Extension. Most of them made me feel dizzy, weak and nauseous; I had to take a few naps to recover from the day I took RN and I still felt exhausted when I woke up. I tried RN for two weeks because I thought it would take some time for my body to get used to it, and then I gave up. On the other hand, an NMN supply fully charges the energy, at least for the time being.


It appears that NMN functions at the genetic and cellular level without affecting a specific tissue, organ or health problem. Therefore, anyone who accepts NMDs must do so objectively and assess any benefits on an individual basis.

As far as the debate about NMN versus NR is concerned, NMN seems to have a clear advantage over its young cousin for the time being.

This item has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is intended to provide information and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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