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NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You


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Since so many brands of NMN additives have been created to meet the demand for this powerful NAD+ precursor, I thought it was time to collect some data and create an overview of NMN additives by comparing different brands in terms of dosage, purity and price.

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In recent years, the research of NAD+ and its predecessors, NAMN and NMR, has given scientists hope for the longevity of an effective cell innovator. To make you understand why these scientists are so optimistic, I’m going to do this:

  • A brief overview of science;
  • Tell us why we need to maintain the NAD+ level as we get older, especially through NMNs.
  • The list of additional NMN marks is at your disposal. (The table below gives an overview of the NMD supplements).

NAD+, or adenine nicotinamide dinucleotide, is an enzyme present in all living cells. Two essential functions included in NAD+ make life possible:

  1. It enables the transfer of energy from the nutrients we eat to the vital functions of the cells, especially in the brain.
  2. It acts as an auxiliary molecule for proteins that regulate other biological activities.

These reactions are incredibly important because they are responsible for regulating oxidative stress and circadian rhythms while keeping DNA healthy and longer. [1]

Unfortunately the NAD+ levels decrease rapidly with age. At the age of 50, an average person may only have half of the NAD+ they had in their youth. At the age of 80 the NAD of+ for youth is only 1-10%. [2]

In 2012, the first study showing this deterioration examined human skin and found that the coenzyme is crucial in ageing research. Another human study conducted in 2015 confirmed this evidence by demonstrating a similar decrease of NAD+ in the human brain.

The good news is that we can supplement our body with NAD+ by supplementing it with certain molecules commonly called precursors, which refers to a series of chemical transformations that NAD+ produces and that the body can use.

According to the NAD+, Dr. David Sinclair, co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Biology at Harvard Medical School, is one of the world’s leading NAD+ researchers:

The NAD+ is closest to the Fountain of Youth.
This is one of the most important molecules for life,
, and without it you will die in 30 seconds. [3]

NAD+ precursors, such as NMN, have entered the secondary market in a powerful and ruthless storm.

There are three clear reasons for this:

  1. We need NAD+ to live. As mentioned earlier, NAD+, an important coenzyme that our cells need to produce the energy that makes our lives possible, decreases rapidly with age. Both NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide riboside) are derived from vitamin B3 (niacin) that your body converts into NAD+.
  2. We know how to raise the NAD+. Numerous studies on different animal and human cohorts show that supplementation with NAD+ precursors such as NMN and NR brings this vital coenzyme to the youth level.
  3. We all want a long life of if they can be healthy – and an increase in NAD+ has been proven to improve brain health, repair damaged DNA and blood vessels, improve autoimmune disease, and much more.

Once you are convinced of the scientific research that demonstrates the health and longevity benefits of NAD+ precursors and have decided to try them, it is important to find the right source:

  • clean and free of heavy metals, and
  • It’s ready to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

With these points in mind, we look at NMN, starting with the quality assessment, a few points about bioavailability (absorption), and then we look at the different brands of NMN that are available to you in the NMN magazine.

Make sure your pharmaceutical grade is NMN.

Wholesale prices for NMNs offered to buyers such as ProHealth range from $600 to $3,500 per kg (£2.2).

Why is there such a big difference?

In a nutshell: QUALITY.

There is a very big difference in quality between cheap NMN’s and expensive NMN’s that are available in addition to the brands. This essentially determines the quality of NMN deliveries:

  • Cleanliness and
  • the heavy metal content.

Lower wholesale prices indicate that the NMH contamination is higher than the ideal contamination with heavy metals.

At ProHealth Longevity, we would like to pay less for our JAMN programmes, but quality is also part of it. Because quality comes first, we pay for everything needed to obtain a clean NMN with a low content of infectious heavy metals. Our analysis certificate issued by Micro Quality Labs is proof of this:

Certificate for the analysis of health durability NMN-Pro


NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

Before buying an NMN brand, make sure that it is certified as clean and free of heavy metal contaminants. The purity of NMN in ProHealth is 100% and the heavy metals are negligible, as indicated in the test certificate above.

To what extent is NMN biologically available?

NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a medicine, food supplement or other substance enters the body’s bloodstream when consumed. For example, if 100 mg of the medicinal product is administered orally and 70 mg of the medicinal product is absorbed unchanged for one hour, the bioavailability is 0.7 or 70% and the rate of complete absorption is one hour.

The bioavailability of NAMNs has been the subject of some discussion. As with many other medicines or dietary supplements, the question has arisen as to whether sufficient NMH can enter the intestine without being altered by gastric acid. In response to this undesirable possibility, several NMN manufacturers, including ProHealth, have tried to design NMN products so that they can survive in the stomach.

ProHealth offers acid resistant and durable versions of NMN that slow down and prolong the absorption of NMN, such as NMN Pro and NMN Pro 250 Sustained-Release, as well as a sublingual powder called NMN Pro Powder. These are excellent options if you are concerned about bioavailability; however, a study conducted in 2019 showed that NMH is well absorbed in both blood and tissue.

With regard to the bioavailability of NMN, the study demonstrated this:

…the absorption of NMH from the intestine into the bloodstream begins in 2-3 minutes, and after 15 minutes it is fully absorbed into the tissues. It is then converted and immediately stored as NAD+ in tissues such as liver, skeletal muscle and cortex. This increase in NAD+ levels in the liver is maintained for approximately 30 minutes. After six months of NMN administration, this increased concentration of NAD+ is observed in the liver and brown fat, but not in the skeletal muscles and white fat.

Based on these results we can say the following about the bioavailability of NMN:

  • Oral intake of NMN does not compromise the passage from the intestine to the bloodstream and tissues, as it enters the bloodstream within two to three minutes and into different tissues within 15 minutes, where it is processed and stored as NAD+.
  • NAD+ is stored for 30 minutes when it enters the liver (the liver system).
  • During the six months of NMN absorption, increased amounts of NAD+ occur in the liver and brown adipose tissue.

The core of the NMN bioavailability problem is that there is probably no cause for concern. However, to be safe, you can take NMN products that are designed to bypass heartburn and improve aspiration.

NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

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NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

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Discover the latest news, research and health tips that will help you live better and longer.

Which NMN product should you choose?

Of course we would like you to use our NMN products, but in the interest of fairness there are other brands that deserve attention. The NMN overview below should help you decide which NMN application is best for you.

The table shows the products of different brands, the quantity and the dosage and above all the price per gram and the price per month based on a daily dose of 250 mg. Since you must consistently use NMNs to take advantage of them, knowledge of monthly costs is an important factor in.

As can be seen from the table, the additional powder form gives the lowest monthly cost at a dose of 250 mg per day of. We have done our utmost to ensure that the cheapest and best NMN candidate is the NMN ProHealth Pro Powder 3-Pack (number 6 in the table below).

Revision of additions to NMN

. Product comparison.


NMN Supplements Review: Which Brand is Best to You

* Higher relative prices are associated with lower NMN per capsule in these products
Prices and information verified to 1/8/20

(Read The eight most important things you need to know about your NMN)

In summary, I hope that you now have a better understanding of the importance of NAD+ for your health and longevity, and that the NMN supplement review has given you a clearer understanding of which brand is best for you. The fact is that life cannot exist without NAD+, and that it decreases over the years in our bodies.

NMN is a proven means to increase the NAD+ values. Browse through our extensive range of NMN additives and choose the additives that best suit your needs.


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