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Is an electric scooter worth it?

Lately, the purchase of bicycles has taken a big boom in the market and we wonder if e- scooters are a trend ? Are they more fashionable now than when we were kids? Or is it that the grown-ups became children? Hahaha! I believe that the rhythm of life has forced us to take other alternatives of personal and individual transport with which we can go to various places and shorten the path and save money for a cheaper car that does not generate so many expenses. The bicycle nowadays seems to be more within everyone’s reach because it does not consume gasoline or diesel, nor do the unforeseen expenses of spare parts for cars or motorcycles arise. The qualities and advantages of having an e-scooter are impressive Starting because you go where you want and you manage to get shortcuts in which conventional bicycles and cars cannot travel or enter the type of surface or terrain.

For some people it can be a bit painful to ride in this type of vehicle but, if that is your problem, forget it because many others will want to dare in order to have their own vehicle in which to transport themselves, go and come without paying more tickets in trucks or public transport bus with the inconvenience caused by some annoying people that make us uncomfortable and sometimes make us have a hard time. And if it is not your case because you are an athlete or passionate about bicycles, you will know well that, you will stay in shape with less effort. The e-scooters They can have great characteristics that if we take them to the scale and put a car to one side, it may beat it, perhaps, it is not so advisable to use it in a certain season of the year but in the rest it can be more useful and faster That is already a point in favor, so I invite you to continue reading so that it is yourself who decides whether or not to buy an electric bicycle regardless of how old you are, let’s see:

People who ride bicycles exercise even without realizing it, do cardiovascular, legs and tone other areas of the body.

You arrive on time where you are going because you plan the time it will take to get there, so the departure and arrival time will depend only on you, unless it rains and you are forced to park until it clears, except that be prepared with your respective rain kit.

Another important thing is to know the weight of the motor and the use you want to give the electric bicycle.

  1. The type of battery is of relevant observance since, some last longer, others less and those that require faster recharging or those that last longer.
  2. They are great because not only can you travel but you can also take your child, partner or a friend with you to give him the ride to work if he goes on the same route.
  3. Speed, it is a factor of interest to know how far one of the electric scooter company in india can run , always taking care of the safety and physical integrity of both you as a driver and that of the pedestrian that you may find in the middle of the road.
  4. Take into account the kind of clothing, in particular, the type of footwear you should wear because in this, if you are a lady, we do not recommend wearing heels.
  5. The motor of these electric bicycles helps you go through slopes and terrain that are a bit rustic but that will not require as much effort as if you were a traditional scooter.
  6. These vehicles provide great comfort to move around their seats but, mainly, by having the electric motor system that reduces all physical effort.
  7. The price of these bicycles can reach high prices but it will always be better to have a means of transport that depends on yourself and not on another, it will be there when you need it.

Now, we can recommend some scooters , the best on the market for quality, price and the most recognized brands such as:

  1. SmartGyro Escooter, costs more than 500 euros, but, it is a good simple and feasible model to walk in the city, it has a removable battery of between 30 and 50 km. and uses 16-inch wheels.
  2. Nilox escooter X2 Plus, is a model to move within the city that spends 500 euros. It has a rear grill and also has 16-inch wheels, lights and a durable battery with a range of about 25 km rechargeable in approximately three hours and is unisex.
  3. Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Folding Scooter, it is also viable as an urban model, of a small size and it is a very light bicycle (14.5 Kg), so it is very comfortable and easy to park that you can even take on public transport in case of that you consider necessary. It does not have a rear fender or grill. Regarding the battery, it is provided by a large manufacturer such as Panasonic, offering a range of 45 km, and its price exceeds 800 euros but an electric bicycle of this brand and model is worth it .
  4. Speedrid Electric bicycle 26/20 electric escooter: bicycle with high quality material, for a very resistant design. Double wall rims are for durability and a faster ride with less resistance. Electric system equipped with removable battery, being able to reach a speed of 30 to 50 km. 3 working modes (electric scooter, assisted and normal). 1 year warranty. Approximate price of 750 euros.
  5. NCM Prague Electric mountainscooter: robust, light and easy to handle bicycle, approximate weight of the bicycle 25 kg, hence its robustness. Optimized electrical system, its screen offers up to 6 levels of assistance. Smooth driving on roads and trails. Its price is around 1000 euros.

These are the best electric scooters . Save and invest well in your vehicle!

And what about electric scooters?

The electric scooter is an ideal option to transport ourselves in short distances, in urban distances.

It offers advantages to regular pedestrians, giving a good transport option, with a good speed, a low price and best of all, not having to deal with car and bus traffic in big cities and the big problem that we usually find. , the parking lot.


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